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Training Programs

Presentation of the training programs in Sports Coaching:

Sports coaching is becoming a discipline of great impact in the sports’ world. It aims to develop a person’s potential by stimulating self-confidence and self-esteem through self-learning, raising their level of awareness, improving their interpersonal relationships and promoting the achievement of their goals. In this way, the coach helps the athlete to know his/her mind and emotions in their different manifestations, as well as to determine the combination of attitudes, behaviors and actions more adequate to attend and take care of all the physical and mental aspects that decisively influence their results. Soon the sports coach will be an essential profile in the management of all organizations and sports teams, as it will help optimize your organizational resources to the maximum.

The training programs are directed to:

This training package is intended for trainers, coaches, sports and personal trainers, business managers related to the sports’ world, psychologists, coaches, educators, teachers, instructors and, ultimately, any professional who has skills related to world of sports and teams. Through this content, you will learn the basics related to coaching and its application to sports, emotional intelligence, leadership, NLP, social skills and group awareness building. From sports coaching, one achieves high personal and professional performance and is useful for improving leadership and management of sports organizations and companies.

Course material:

The course material will be facilitated by the Diamond Building, which counts on the contribution of professional experts in different areas of formation. Its careful preparation and permanent updating make the study material a valuable tool for the student, both during the period of development of the training action and in his later professional activity.

International Certification in Sports Coaching

Teaching System:

It is offered as IN-CLASS and consists of 10 modules (one per month)


Start: Request worksheet of dates

Duration: 260 hours

Program ENDORSED by Scientific Sport and Diamond Building


Basic Course of Sports Coaching (Distance Modality)

Teaching System:

It is given exclusively at DISTANCE. In this format, the student can consult the tutors appointed at the beginning of the course. In addition, as a complement to their training, the student will receive a free invitation to one of the in-class courses taught in the national territory, according to study scheduled time.


Start: Anytime

Duration: 300 hours distributed in 5/8 months, depending on student needs, previously agreed before the beginning of the course.

Custom tutorials